A global troop entrepreneurializing good. Join by subscription. The goal: give, engage, thrive.

A Thrivability Marketplace

Are you finding like us, it's a moment to reflect and revise?

Wondering how we can make the world better?

ave a lingering urge to give? Perhaps share a bit of your wisdom, accomplishments, experiences with others?

What if there was a community where everyone felt the same way?

We are creating something different, a world-wide troop seeking to serve, heal, inspire and jubilantly act to better our communities.

We are a community-oriented, early venture phase, tech start-up. A platform to exchange basic services, social goods, and shared expertise, participating in our global marketplace, where our purpose is to hack life for the most resilient you and troop.

Become a Founder

We make a living by what we get

We make a life by what we give
-Winston Churchill

the what and the get

GivethGet is a global social network and online store you join by subscription.

What you get:

Exclusive access to a marketplace where the products are experiences, locations, adventures, coaching, mentoring, production, making, and so on, in our areas of passion and expertise. Our superpowers, if you will, no matter how humble or how huge. Superpowers we find joy in sharing (in a manner you control), in exchange for GetCredits on the site.

Explore the thousands of other offerings and purchase using the GetCredits.

Free e-store with no commission sales of your gifted items and your other paid offerings too, with a global audience.

Free account on UbYou Tour Co. - Authentic Human Adventures

No cost access to a world-wide troop of humans, striving to make the world better, innovate, collaborate, celebrate and appreciate.

Build wealth together. Seek to grow collective investments and increase financial security.

Let's see what craziness comes!

THe Cost

Found members join for free.

For a limited time.
egularly, just $1.99/mo.

Free e-store, UbYou Tour Co. account and more.

Everything zero commission.

Ask us about investing too.

The Giveth

Share a bit of your passions and mastery with the social troop on your GivethGet page. The expertise you are most eager to teach. Your passion plunge side gig.  Sort of Amazon where all the best items are gifted free with a paid membership. It doesn't matter how humble or how huge, simply post offerings that might help another, whether local in the dirt, global or virtual. What and how you share is under your control.

The Get

Access to explore this marketplace of gifted things for yourself.

GetCredits for sharing.

◦ Free instant e-store, to post your shared items AND Promote, network, find partners, trade and sell to the troop and to the world.

◦ List travel experience adventures with our sister company
UBYou Tour Co. All included free with your membership. Zero Commission. Cancel Anytime. Giveth+Get

◦ Opportunity to participate in investment club. Grow wealth collectively.

The What

GivethGet is a global, community-oriented tech startup company headquartered in Viroqua, Wisconsin USA.

We are a social troop creating a vision for what’s on the other side, based on giving, goodness and sharing.

The about

GivethGet is a privately held, member-owned, subscription-based global network of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, people who want to contribute to bettering society. An online world-wide public market e-store where the products are our shared passion projects and mastery.

When you share you gain GetCredits. GetCredits are exchanged when you
experience gifted offerings. So, more sharing, more GetCredits and so on.

A $9 per month membership grants access to this online social network and e-store of products, services, experiences and adventures that we choose to give to another (all of course under your complete control).

Again, sort of an Amazon.com where the products are incredible one-of-kind finds and someone has set all prices to gift mode for members.

Offerings are local, global, virtual. It can be an immersion destination adventure, a class, a made item, coaching, a creation, a crucial conversation.

The expertise you are so eager to teach.

Ultimately, though these endless positive organic experiences as a troop, we rewire for more bliss and less stress.

The Giving AND getting

And by giving we actually achieve more financial independence.

Your overall expenses are reduced and income is enhanced by, e.g., commission-free sales on the e-store that comes with your membership!

Along with multiple opportunities for joint ventures, financing, mentoring, networking and promotional synergy and more for your side gigs and passion projects.

We gain a global cheerleading corps for our endeavors.

No doubt, we are also collectively building wealth here in addition to giving.

(Say that 3 times fast!)

The why

The motivation behind the founding of GivethGet came from surviving COVID
and the like calamities, our losses and the lovelessness. (The founders are an ED nurse and emergency physician team).

We now have the opportunity to reorient our focus towards the good, towards a bit more love and joy.

We shall reimagine and manifest
a tricked-out troop through this worldwide cooperative venture. Motivated to forge permanent culture.

Finally, don't forget the celebration. Let's get paid to attend parties. That is, the more we engage each other and others the more tricked-out our troop gets.

Cause these are the roaring' 20s after all!

The When

Founded 2021

Timeline 20,021

Give of yourself

Get for yourself

All gain


The shared vision

Our vision is to flow with the filament of serene jubilation goodness. Like, let's just skip to the good (thanks Maria). To reimagine our world with an emphasis on action over words. Be guided by healing, humility, audacity, fearlessness, celebration, inspiration and appreciation.

We exist to empower self, family and community. Our mission, build a global troop of likeminded souls.

So, to giveth, to thrive.
Imagine that.


What's next for you?

Engage with us in four broad ways...

1) Subscribe to GivethGet, share, experience and see what happens.

2) Invest for a hopeful +ROI.

3) Co-found. For a limited time, explore possibility of a founding owner stake.

4) All the above.

The Get

What you give is your call.  And beyond giving, again, we strive to also synergize our entrepreneurial enterprises.

That is, we're also down with the 'get'.

When you learn, teach

When you get, give

-Maya Angelou

The defi crypto ledger

Offerings can be gifted or shared for credits in a crypto-style ledger. Our own decentralized bank. Credits then used for trade within GivethGet.

The Engage

Connect through free app, e-store and immersive digital experience.

Friendships encouraged.

The believe

We are all masters and apprentices.

The Membership also includes

1) Membership in our sister company, UbYou. Tour Co. - Authentic Human Adventures.

2) Kids can access our kid entrepreneur division, UbYouth

3) Complementary e-stores

4) Option to join an investment club, including crypto and real estate

lots more....

The Ownership

Privately held LLC, based in  Viroqua, Wisconsin, Driftless Region USA

Fully funded.

The join our Social troop

GivethGet is a world-wide social troop of like-minded folks. I mean really, what kind of crazy things will we manifest collectively!?

Join now to be a founding member. Contact us for more into.

It’s not how much we give

but how much love we put into giving

-Mother Teresa

Our product

Deliver the social goods

Share your bliss and receive blessings. Let's hack life together for the optimized civilization to come.

Do so through cooperation, giving and sharing. Agree to disagree. No politics and no religion. Focus on the good and actions over words.  

our products and services

Share with world

Share our products and services to the outside greater community through traditional cash, crypto, and e-commerce of course... in addition to an existing brick and mortar historic Viroqua Public Market in Viroqua Wisconsin.

Grow Wealth

Reduce expenses and maximize income.

Minimize fear through independence and friendship, decentralization, cooperation.

Embrace change

The world will exponentially evolve

Don’t fret over change in fact, let's build this so we indeed capitalize on change.

The Thrivability Troop

Join the band and organize

Be passionate, agile, stoic. Create a micro economy of allies and avatars. Quantumly entangle but stay independent.

Strive for joy, innovation, imagination, appreciation, connect with the thread of jubilation goodness that flows through all.

unlimited access

Just $1.99 per month

Join GivethGet and get unlimited access with a monthly subscription, only $1.99 a month.

What does this get you: It gets you access to a matrix of bliss offerings from other members, mostly requiring no cash. A marketplace where people give away or share their bliss and passion plunges. Including of course, you!

Crypto Friendly

Transactions are accounted for in a crypto ledger and used for further trade. (planned).

local, global and digital.

These offerings are next door, international and virtual.

You are in control

You decide how you want to share, give it away, trade, just focus on giving and getting.




Always Open




Public Market of Bliss

offering Examples

Vision building

Delinate and craft your custom life or business vision with masters

offering Examples

Tidy up your household systems

Trick out your fam's life

offering Examples

Permaculture Landscaping

Create living sustainable systems in your lawn

offering Examples

Wilderness emergency medicine 

Learn critical field life-saving skills

The offerings all pass but one litmus test...
do they contribute to the greater good?
This should speak for itself. 



"At the end it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”




Why we exists

The reason we exist is to improve our member's lives and our community. Period.


Life more blissful and less stressful

Our goals include:
- make life more blissful and less stressful.
- be more authentic.
- encourage imagination and clever solutions to difficult problems.
- be audacious when necessary
- proceed without limits or fear. 

Grow Wealth

Reduce expenses and maximize income.

Minimize fear through independence and friendship, decentralization, cooperation.

actualize your passion plunge

Entrepreneur you

In addition to the public market of bliss there is entrepreneur you... This network exists to encourage business to business collaboration, mentoring, alliances, financing, organization and operationalization.

How can we actualize your passion plunge in other words. Let’s do this together and see what happens.

This also includes makers and digital nomads, inventors, tinkerers, consultants and coaches, healthcare masters and many more ..


Entrepreneur kids

Featuring a kid's division, UbYouth, where we help youth entrepreneuralize their passions.

authentic human adventures

UBYou Tour Co.

A core part of this is authentic human adventures - UBYou Tour Co. division where hosts feature cool local experiences for visitors via an Airbnb like marketplace.

We created this company to reimagine tourism. To boldly go from visiting a place to truly experiencing a place, with the locals!  And thus allow family entrepreneur hosts to take their passion plunge and share with guests what they do best and what gives them the most joy. Little every day bliss experiences. And we are proud to say, these families are not just accounts here – many are also owners of this company. So as a company, we’ve also assembled an all-star team of authentic humans to help pilot this craft into the future, where all thrive and jive.

Short term rentals


Use UBYou Tour Co. as your short term rental platform as well.

List your lodging experiences for FREE. Not free to stay (unless you want), just free to list! yes, we take none of the booking.

present and incorruptible

Four Required Systems

Everything centers around four required systems for thriving. All must be present and incorruptible:

Sustenance, of food, water, energy 

Super permanent shelter (utilizing local materials as much as possible)

Functional society

Mind+body+soul prowess

So, long term thrivability. a 20,000 year timeline. Cause yes, in order to survive we must indeed thrive.

Grow Wealth together

Investment club

Members are also able to invest further capital in the company. The goal here, invest in righteous entities including mostly ourselves and decentralized financial markets like cryptocurrency. Consider Company investments in extremely undervalued opportunities around the world. Pays dividends with surplus profits. When feasible we utilize blockchain technology as the new financial and administrative Internet.



GivethGet is a global public market of bliss, A community oriented tech start up, featuring access to a social troop all about sharing blessings and bliss. 

And of course the obvious question, how could anything succeed where the product is given away? Join us and let’s find out!

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